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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eye exam coming up

It's been nearly a year and a half since Munchkin's last two surgeries (a cryo and laser in April 2010 and a vitrectomy in May 2010). We have an eye exam coming up towards the end of the month. And already, the dread is starting to build. Why? Because we've never gone so long without surgery ever since his condition was diagnosed back in July 2007. He's nine now (tenth birthday coming up in Jan) and the doctor has said that there is a possibility of the disease stabilizing as a child grows older. Coats invariably tends to throw up 'side-effects' like cataracts (that's what the vitrectomy was for - a thin film had formed over his retina, creating 'macular pucker').
And he positively hates the thought of going through another round of laser - he says he hates having to be hungry for so long, gets scared of 'falling asleep' and hates the smell of the anesthesia. What's worse, he surfaces from the anesthesia rather badly, usually kicking and screaming, literally. When he was little, I would scoop him up and try to calm him down. Last year, I realized I could no longer do this.
His mid-term vacation begins on the 24th. We have a mom-and-son holiday lined up at the beach for 4 days. The 'practical' person that I am, I figure he can still have the laser and get back to school in time even after the holiday. I've lost count of the number of holidays I've planned for us and then not made reservations because we had an eye exam coming up and what if he needed cryo and laser... well, no more. I want nothing more than for this disease to have stabilized and get another four-month breather. Please pray for my little munchkin!