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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Why am I younger than your marriage?

I know, I know...there's no excuse for the laziness that set in. It was a lost opportunity if you really think about it. There's so much that has happened in the past two months that I was a fool not to let the blog fodder do its work. Sigh...

Today was our wedding anniversary. Munchkin asked his father: How many years has it been? Ten years, he was told. The boy sulked. "Why are you looking sad?" asked his father. "Your marriage is ten years old, and I'm just six and a half...that's not fair! I should be older." Sorry, kid. Well, no, actually. But it was complicated to explain. Thank God the birds-and-bees talks are a few years away. Phew!

Other updates: I quit my job in April, worked until May 10 to serve out my notice period, took a week off to be with my son (while chasing red-tape to get my passport), joined a new firm, went to Colombo for training, came back with some yummy shopping and duty free goods, plunged into the new job, got the kid settled into full-day school (not very successfully at first, but hey, I'm not perfect!) and was featured in a book for working moms. It's fantastic, and not just because I wrote one rule. That's coming up in the next post. I know this blog is about the brat, but it's thanks to him that I'm a working MOM, so of course it fits here. :)


Tammy said...

Hi there,

Congrats on the feature in the working moms book! Can you share a link about the book?

Sounds interesting. ;)


thanks for dropping by. here's the link: