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Monday, May 18, 2009


The Coats is stable!! Even better, some of the exudates seem to have been absorbed! :-)

The wait for the appointment seemed interminable. The April 19th date got pushed to the 23rd, which got pushed to May 16, and then today, the 18th. We called ahead to confirm that Munchkin's doctor had actually come in and then set out to the hospital, a 45-minute drive from our house.
When we got there, we found he had been called away for an emergency surgery. Decided to wait it out. Got the little fellow's vision checked (status quo maintained, another reason to cheer!) and then got his eyes dilated. This time, he cribbed very little.

In fact, it was kinda the opposite from a year ago. His father and I used to tell him stories to keep him occupied. This time, he was the one telling me stories - all with his eyes closed.

Even after his eyes had dilated, we had to wait a good hour, during which time he got impatient, so he and his father went for a walk around the hospital. And I actually fell asleep in the crowded waiting room. Then suddenly, the doctor's assistant was calling us and we were in his room. Munchkin settled into the chair and the doctor carried out his exam.

"It's better," was the first thing he said, and I nearly gasped from sheer relief! He then went on to explain that some of the exudates had absorbed. Then said to come back in three months and keep a look out for any complaints regarding deteriorating vision. His macula is still safe (thank you, dear God) but we should be careful.

And that was that. :-) A three-month reprieve, but a reprieve. And for that, I'm grateful.

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