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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Post-vitrectomy update

We had another follow-up exam at the hospital today. (The last one was on June 19, but I couldn't post right after - too much going on.) They did an OCT and progress seems good. The pucker is not so bad and 'high' any more. It seems to be subsiding. But the doctor says it will take time for it to go back down completely. Which means that Munchkin's vision is still a little blurry. But thank heavens it's not affecting his vision.

He's in a new school since the start of the new academic year (June) and likes it very much. He hasn't complained about any vision issues. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.

We couldn't meet the glaucoma specialist today, though. The post-vitrectomy medication was steroid based and caused his eye pressure to surge. He's been on eye drops to keep the pressure under control and it'd fallen significantly today. The retinal surgeon said it would be a good idea to check with the glaucoma specialist as to whether or not the drops needed to continue. (At our June visit, the glaucoma specialist had said that the drops would probably have to continue well into August.) We'll probably go back next Saturday and check on that.

Saturdays are really crowded at the hospital. Despite my best efforts, we didn't get there until 9.20 am and that led to everything else getting delayed. Not that I can do much to speed things up - nothing works... but I digress.

The retinal specialist wants to see us in 10 weeks' time, so I'll keep praying, keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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