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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Late update on April 2010 eye exam

Things went well, otherwise I'd have posted earlier (I think!) The swelling (macular pucker) has totally subsided (the vitrectomy took place in May 2010) and it's taken that long for things to return to 'normal'.

It's been one long year since then. Possibly the worst year yet for our family as a whole. But the silver lining has been that Munchkin's Coats has been stable for over a year now.

The next eye exam is due in late September/early October. That'll be 18 months since his last cryopexy and laser. Wouldn't it be such a blessing if that eye exam came out clear too?


Liz said...

Hi! So good to see a blog post from you and get an update on things. Coincidentally, we went to an eye exam yesterday. looks like my son will be needing surgery again - to fix his cataract, and also, it appears there is a little leakage, so they will laser repair that as well. Glad to hear that the Coats is stable on your little guy. Take care. Liz

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