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Friday, March 14, 2008

Summer camp search begins

It's that time of the year. The little brat's summer holidays are going to start beginning Good Friday (March 21). And school starts on June 2! So during this l-o-n-g break, what can you do with a hyperactive six-year-old that will keep said child from:
1. driving parents & grandparents insane
2. getting into falling-and-getting-hurt kind of trouble
3. turning into TV/Video/Online game junkie
4. forgetting everything he learnt in Kindergarten (including math tables up to 5)

The answer? Summer camps, of course. In Bangalore, most of them last only 3 weeks at a stretch. I guess organizers of summer camps need time off, too, right? And this isn't the first world, where you can pack of a child for 6 or 8 weeks and sit back and relax.

Last year's summer camp was a disaster. They overcharged, didn't do as much as they promised and he hated going there. Problem was, most sports camps (baskeball, badminton, swimming, etc.) would take children only above the age of six. So he managed to learn swimming with his dad and grandfather. But he's been out of practice since then. And the way the weather is: cold at 10 am and blazing hot at 11 am...I doubt we'll be able to use the pool.

I've found one intensive arts program for him. This is run by a reputed artiste and the place is not so far from our house. They also have a transport facility which means no dropping and picking up required. (Yay!) We're going there tomorrow to check it out. The only thing is, it runs even on weekend mornings. I'm not sure whether that's good or bad. We'll see the place and decide soon. There's also a school nearby which is reportedly holds some good sports camps. Need to go there too.

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Sally said...

Hi there

Thanks for dropping in to my blog and leaving a message. I am loving reading yours. Great writing and lovely little boy. I know this blog isnt about you but an American living in Bangalore? Intriguing to me. I wont pry but will enjoy popping in every now and then. Thanks


Hey, thanks so much. :) That made my day. Please do keep dropping in. I love to hear from other moms.

Sally said...

Hi, me again. I hope you don't think I was being presumptuous with my questions. I am again fascinated as I assumed you were American from the term 'Mommy' and also the way you write. I guess I have a few too many sterotypes in my head. Love being challenged about what I think I know. I will keep checking in and seeing how your little boy is getting on. Cheers

Sally said...

Hi me again

Thanks for you reply. The language thing all makes sense now. Interesting and rather obvious when you think about it, how language 'defines' us. The use of one word can start a whole raft of assumptions and story building around a person.

I am more than happy for you to link to my blog on yours. Rather tickled actually. Thanks. I will do the same down my end if you are ok with that.