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Monday, March 17, 2008

"Your Hair is nice, but..."

I got a new haircut...kinda like in the picture but I'm not as slim as the woman in the photograph. And my hair is black (well, mostly black...I try to blank out the gray.)

I liked the cut, it's like nothing I've ever had. The DH liked it (trust me, I did not ask for an opinion. I've been married almost 10 years so I know better than to ask for an opinion on personal fashion.) Then he asked the offspring: "Isn't Mamma's new haircut nice?"

The offspring lolled on the couch for a bit, observing silently. "Your hair looks very nice," he finally said, but the sentence was loaded. There was more to come. "But you don't look like Mamma."

Huh? Wait a minute, what does that mean? I raised an eyebrow and the little rascal grinned, his eyes twinkling with mischief. "You hair is nice. But you look very fashionable." That's the exact word he used: 'fashionable.'

"So is that good or bad?" I asked him.

"It's good for you. You'll look nice in the office. But you don't look like my Mamma." Direct, point-blank, no beating about the bush.

"Do you want me to change it?"

"No. You look nice, Mamma. But not like my Mamma," he repeated.

Ah, I see. I was looking non-Mommy-ish. Not bad, I thought. But then, mommy-guilt surfaced. Before it could overwhelm me, the little tyke scooted over and gave me a hug. "I still love you," he announced.

Thanks, Munchkin. I needed that. :-)

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LizC said...

You look fashionable and not like a mom - I think that's one of the highest compliments we can get as moms! ha ha!

I also wanted to answer your question that you posted on my blog - yes, Joey does wear protective glasses when he does sports. but not always - for example, in soccer, he wears his glasses only when he plays goalie. And in karate, he has not worn glasses because he has not been sparring yet. Once they start using the sticks and other weapons, I think he'll wear them at that point. We had first purchased some expensive ones (spec recs) and they were large, tight, bulky and uncomfortable. Then I found some good ones at the sporting good store in the raquetball section. They are for adults, but they fit him pretty good. and they look much "cooler" than than the other ones. Let me know how your eye appt goes...

Take care!



:) Yes, it is a great compliment, isn't it? As moms, our lives are centered around our kids, leaving us less time to spend on ourselves.

Thanks for answering that question. It really helps. We hope to see his doctor after Easter.

Mommy2JL said...

That's a fantastic cut!

My hair is naturally curly so while it's wet I just put a little leave in conditioner and just a spray or two of hairspray (anything more weighs it down too much) and blow dry it for about five minutes and let the rest air dry while I finish getting ready for the day.

To get it to look as nice as it does in that picture I have to blowdry it as straight as I can and then use a ceramic iron but I have thick hair so blowdrying it takes a long time. I skip washing it in the morning if I don't have time to blow dry and just straight iron it which only takes 5 or 6 minutes. (after putting leave in conditioner in because it does so much damage to your hair. also, I skip hairspray when I straighten it because any kind of humidity or moisture just makes it drizzy when I use it)

Hope that helps!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really enjoyed yours :) Your son sounds adorable lol