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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sonny & Me on Sunday shopping

On Sunday, Munchkin and I went shopping. First stop, the toy shop for a remote-controlled car. We got one that had it's own pit-stop 'home' and four extra tyres. The little tyke is thrilled.

Then we stopped at the optician to pick up a pair of nearly wraparound sunglasses for the post-cryo trip next Saturday.

Then the shoe store for a pair of floaters for the growing boy.

And then the stationery store: two notebooks ("Mom, promise you won't cover them - they're for rough notes - and brown is soooo boring!"), a tube of Fevicol, colored paper ("The colors are cool, Mom." - and I'm a sucker for paper, especially when it's colored.)

Oh yes, we managed to have some soda (yea, yea, I know I should be more "responsible" but well...) and popcorn. And then we were home and Munchkin zoomed the car around to his heart's content. All in all, a cool Sunday. :-)

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