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Friday, December 26, 2008

Off to gramps'

Tomorrow we leave for my son's first visit to his grandparents' house. We haven't visited my in-laws in years for a variety of reasons (some history and some serious lack of leave). But tomorrow, we're headed there for a quick, week-long trip. There are two shrines to visit and we'll hopefully spend the rest of our time hanging around the house and not being fed to bursting point by overenthusiastic relatives who believe that a way to demonstrate love is to stuff them full of food they don't like. :-P

We've scheduled Poppet's cryo for the 7th of Jan. And this time, I'm more terrified than ever about the anesthesia (I know, I know, I've mentioned it nearly every post related to my son's condition! I know I have to stop, but...)

Time for some praying - for good health and some calm.

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Sally said...

Hi there. Glad to see you are back in blog land. I had stopped visitng so thanks for leaving me a message. I hope everything goes well for your son and the family visit is fun and uplifting. Happy new year.