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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A slight cold and cough - I'm worried

When we took Munchkin to the doctor on Saturday, he had a very very mild dry cough. The anesthetist said we would be a better judget of how bad the cough was, or would get, and advised us to check with his pediatrician whether it would be okay for Munchkin to have general anesthesia on Wednesday.

When we got back home in the afternoon, he saw kids playing in the swimming pool in our apartment complex and wanted to go swimming for a bit. He'd fought with me so many times and thrown so many tantrums over the past 48 hours that I was totally exhausted with even trying to reason with him. And there were so many kids in the pool - and it was really warm - so I let him go for just 20 minutes. Big mistake. He now has a slightly runny nose and the cough seems slightly more frequent. We've started him on his regular cough and cold medicine that his pediatrician recommended, but I will need to get another opinion from the pediatrician on Tuesday evening to see if we can go ahead. We may have to delay the procedure if his condition doesn't improve. The doctor does these procedures on Wednesdays and Fridays, and I think the coming Friday is a holiday on account of Good Friday. My office is closed, but I'm not sure if the hospital is.

Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that we can do what's best for Munchkin and everything works out fine. Please pray for him

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