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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vitrectomy due

The laser and cryo (very little) that Munchkin had on 7 April did nothing for the membrane. So the doctor wants to go ahead with the vitrectomy (scheduled for 12 May). The good news is that they have some new equipment - finer needles, more accurate readings/images, etc. Which means that the scarring will be minimal and recovery should be faster.

I'm still pretty terrified because this is an actual surgery and not a 'procedure' involving laser and cryo beams. I've no idea what to expect with regard to scarring or how long he will be in pain. The doc says Munchkin will need to stay home for a week at least. (Which is fine because his school re-opens for the new year only on 2nd June) and should recover fully a week after that. Thing is, despite asking the doctor a lot of questions, I still have no idea what to anticipate during the recovery period.

I'm also nervous about the post-op 'emergence delirium' - which was pretty bad in April and was compounded by the fact that the little fellow had been ultra-cranky in the weeks before the procedure, throwing tantrums at the drop of a hat (and this was even before he knew he had to have another round of laser/cryo).

And this wasn't made any easier by the fact that the summer in Bangalore has been particularly hot this year. Normally, whenever it gets really hot (35 degC), it rains in the afternoon and things are more bearable for the next few days. This year, the much-awaited showers have been playing hide and seek and are pretty scant when they do deign to make an appearance. And Munchkin's room faced West, taking the full brunt of the sun at noon and for three hours after that. It never mattered before that the ward wasn't air-conditioned (indeed, in the '80s, most Bangaloreans didn't even need fans for half the year). This time, I'd like to ask for us to be in the ward on the other side. We have to stay there overnight, too - and that's not something I'm ready to even think about or plan for right now.

Right now, it's just praying, praying, praying that everything goes well, that there are no complications during or after the surgery, no nasty scar tissue forming later to warrant any furthe procedures, no return of the membrane, nothing! He's been through too much, my little Munchkin. I have no idea what good is going to come of this but I still believe that something good comes of everything we are made to endure. I keep the faith.

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