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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Swelling scare

It's the one thing I was dreading...the most natural instinctive action first thing in the morning is to rub your eye - especially one that's had ointment kohl-ed into it the previous night. For all my hawkeyed monitoring, I couldn't grab the kiddo's hand in time to stop a solitary rub of his eyelid (yes, the one that had been operated on). An hour later, the eyelid was swollen and I was panicking.

His doctor was going to be in surgery today, but his assistant asked us to bring the kid along by 2 pm anyway. When we go there, we learnt that the surgeon was going to be delayed because two unexpected cases had come in. We finally met another surgeon, who said - bless him - that the eye was 90% healed and that swelling could be expected. It was likely a result of that one rub in the morning, but that was nothing to worry about. Phew!

The doctor who saw him also allowed him an hour of TV every day, in bursts of 30 minutes each. But that wasn't enough for the kid - he was still fixated on getting a Lego set.

It's well nigh impossible to find a choice of Lego sets in Bangalore. And Lego doesn't ship to India so you can't buy the stuff online either. Most sets are imported and therefore really expensive. He has an old one of mine he plays with, courtesy my mother who has the of preserving stuff like new. And we've managed to buy a few smaller vehicle kits (an ambulance and a race car) every now and then without breaking the bank. But now he's been wanting another set which is way beyond any reasonable price for a set of plastic pieces, no matter how legendary they are. Don't get me wrong - I'm a great fan of Lego - but this is just getting to be a bit much. The hospital visit meant I got into the office only by 3.30pm and left by 8.30pm. By that time, all the shops were downing shutters. I thought I'd convinced him on the phone about the delay to tomorrow, but even as I'm writing this, he's sulking - and looking quite like he's going to throw a tantrum - about having to wait 23 hours for a Lego set, instead of the 6-7 hours he'd imagined. Talk about wanting instant gratification... (to add to which my cold and cough is now so bad that my voice is cracked and the pain is just about bearable with a couple of painkillers!)

Anyway, I'm just glad the swelling was nothing to be scared of. Now to go manage the tantrum before it turns into a full blown epic battle.... sigh.

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