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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Camera Confessions!

I finally bought a digital camera earlier this month and have been clicking away. So why aren't any of those pictures up on the blog yet?

Confession#1: There's some software I have to load onto the computer and I haven't found time to do that. I keep forgetting (I can just hear my son saying: "Bad Mommy....what's your Blackberry for?")

Confession#2: I keep forgetting to borrow a card reader from my friend (which is one way to upload the pics without the whole load-the-software hassle).

Confession#3: I want to put up all the wonderful pictures we've taken of my son over the years but I'm still wary of putting up his photos on the Internet for fear of God-knows-what might happen to them. (Feel free to tell me why my fear is unfounded and I'll have a slideshow up in 7 days - that's a promise!)

Confession#4: I've always thought of myself as possessing some semblance of a talent for photography. I love random images and I'm wondering if I'll make a complete fool of myself for putting those up here.

So here it is in black and white. My resolution to put up some pictures on this blog in 7 days' time.

Image of the Kodak M853 from the Kodak website


theworkingmom said...

I will look forward to seeing those pictures! :D

Amy Palko said...

I'm looking forward to your photos! As for posting photos of your son - I think you're right to be wary. Personally, I don't post any photos of my kids which includes their faces. Maybe I'm being overly cautious, but, imo, it's a risk that just doesn't need to be taken, so why take it? Others may and probably will have differing opinions, but that's my thinking on it, for what it's worth.
Lives Less Ordinary

Writing Mommy said...

I put up a slideshow of my son's favorite things (but no pictures of my son yet.) There's actually one real close-up shot of his in the very first post. But that's been seriously 'Photoshopped' because it was rather low-res. (And therefore, low-risk?)
I plan to put up more pictures with each post soon.

Amy, I like your idea of keeping the faces out. That's pretty do-able.