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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dilation neeeded, sigh!

My son got his vision checked yesterday. First, the doctor's assistant ran through the usual chart with the occluder (covering one eye at a time) and then using the pinhole as well. He read most of the stuff and plainly said when he couldn't read a particular line. It looks like he will need glasses.

From what I could see the assistant writing on his chart, the vision in his good eye has fallen a bit since his initial Coats diagnosis. It's now 6/9, whereas it was 6/6 earlier. His Coats eye had a 6/9 reading then, and I'm not sure what it is now.

After the test, I asked him about the gray spot and he said it wasn't there. So it was probably a floater - coming and going.

There was a long wait after this, during which the brat got awfully impatient.

It was finally his turn and the doctor started to check his sight with various lenses. After a few minutes, the doctor said he couldn't do a proper job unless the eyes were dilated. This, he absolutely refused to do because he knew he'd have to keep his eyes closed for a long time. "Can we come back tomorrow?" he asked. The doctor's assistant tried to convince him to let him put the drops and that's when the little fellow burst into tears and buried his face in my arms.

I know he hates getting his eyes dilated, so I requested the assistant for another appointment. He finally agreed. So we have another appointment today. I pray for good news.

My mother has always ensured that he gets a balanced diet - enough of vitamin A, iron, etc. because she wanted her grandson to have good vision. I got my glasses when I was 16 and my husband doesn't use glasses at all. But if the little tyke needs glasses, so be it. Anything to ensure that his eyes aren't strained. Maybe over time, the vision in his good eye will further improve.

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LizC said...

My son also HATES the "drops"!! I used to sit him on on my lap and hold his hands while the nurse put the drops in. This year, he decided he was going to be a big boy and do it without my "assistance". He now sits in the chair alone, but still wiggles and closes his eyes tightly and needs the nurse to "talk him into it". But he still feels proud of himself that he didnt need to sit on Mama's lap. I, of course, make a big deal about how grown up he is to do it on his own! Hang in there, both of you will eventually get used to the routine of the eye check ups! :) (thanks for adding the link!)