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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Out of the haze...somewhat

It's been an awful couple of weeks in terms of endurance. The one bright spot has been that the swelling in Poppet's eye is so much lower now. He's going to have a black eye, though, now that the swelling is down.

He's been very cranky - throwing tantrums and whatnot. He broke his spectacle frames a fit of anger last week and I've had to shell out a nifty sum for a new pair because the lenses were too small to fit into any new pair we checked out. He'll get his new pair next Thursday. Which means he'll have to wear plain glasses to school on Tue & Wed. We have a follow-up doctor's appointment on Monday morning: and I'm hoping that the doctor will give him something to make the swelling go away quickly.

We spent the day out with my mom today. First to the opticians, then to a store, then to a great meal at restaurant. It was nice, really.

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Tammy said...

Hi there, I just nominated you for an attitude of gratitude award. I hope you'll accept.