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Monday, January 19, 2009

Post-cryo eye exam & Back to school

I made a big mistake this morning. I told my son that his eye exam today would not involve dilation drops. I thought I was right because the doctor had never had his eyes dilated so soon after a round of cryo. But this time he did, and I was in the dock for my 'false promise'.

Worse, it took inordinately long for our turn to come (which meant I didn't get to work until lunch!) during which time the little rascal whined and whined (until we forced him to eat something - he was better after that.)

When we finally got to the doctor, he said the cryo had been effective. The next check will be in late April/early May.

We had a bite to eat at the hospital canteen (they make the most wonderful idlis - Munchkin's favourite food after 'red chicken') but had to wait some more because a couple of details on his discharge summary were incorrect. In fact, there are still some errors - but we didn't have the time - and I didn't have the patience - to wait around some more.

I actually wanted to take an autorickshaw and go to the office straight from the hospital, but DH said they would drop me in the car. And then we go into a series of some seriously demented traffic jams, during which time the cacophonous offspring nearly drove me deaf and mad. I made some very loud threats and sulked for the hour it took to travel 12 km!

Anyway, the little tyke goes back to school tomorrow. I need to have a word with his class teacher not to mollycoddle him needlessly. I'm a bit worried about Munchkin's behavior - he's been trying to leverage this condition to get new toys and eat junk food. And constantly whines! About the stupidest things. I'm at my wits' end, trying to balance his tantrums with his eye condition. I hope his teacher has better luck!


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LizC said...

Hi there -
You've been on my mind and I'm wondering how you are doing. Hope all is well with your son after his last round of cryo. Take Care!