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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Coats Eye Photo

Around 10 days back, Munchkin and I were fooling around with the camera and one of the pictures I took shows his Coats condition: the tiger eye. The yellow area is really small compared to some of the other photos we've seen on the Internet, but it was a sad and heart-rending confirmation of his condition.

All we can do is pray. I recently read at a Coats forum that there are people out there for whom a combination of laser and cryopexy has worked and their condition has been stable for years. I pray for such healing, too. The other doctor (to whom we'd gone for just a regular eye check to see if my son needed glasses) scared us so much that I'm afraid to go back there. (See 'More Confusion') His next appointment with the retina specialist is in March. I am fervently praying for some more good news.

Something tells me he may need a round of laser to get rid of the existing leakage (exudates) but please let it not be cryo. Cryo is destructive and scarring, although it does play a major role in stopping the leakage.

Whoever reads this, please pray for my son. Thank you.

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