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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No More Fleas!

After I loudly protested about having to do Nemo every night, Poppet decided to widen his horizons somewhat. After a string of flings with various books, he rediscovered an old favorite: No More Fleas, by Anne Peutrell. He loved that book when he was two-and-a-half. Only he used to call it "Basil and the fi-leash" because he was just learning to talk. He loved story and the book: the foldouts were fascinating.

Ah, I thought. A shorter story, and hardly any voices to do! But Munchkin had other plans. Since this story "got over so quickly," he decided he wanted to hear it twice. Um, okay, that wouldn't be too bad, I thought. I like the story, too, so I narrated it again. The kid doubled over with laughter at each attempt of Basil, the cat, to get rid of the fleas in his fur. I like it when he laughs. I sleep a lot better when he goes to sleep happy as opposed to when he has to be forced to close his eyes with a variety of threats.

I should have hidden the book the next morning. I didn't. And now, I'm haunted by the tale of Basil and the fleas. (Yes, he can say 'fleas' now. I miss the 'fi-leash' bit, though.) For the past 10 days, we've had nothing but Basil, the dog next door and the fleas. Heck, I dreamt they were invading my home!

What is it about children's fascination for the endless loop? Munchkin will still eat only vanilla ice-cream happily (although he's otherwise a chocoholic), he still wants the same old 'red chicken' when we order Chinese food, is thrilled to bits when Cartoon Network and Pogo air re-runs of his favorite shows, and will draw and color the same thing for a month before trying out somethin new.

I don't know whether this is a pattern with only him or with other children as well. Inputs, anyone?


Janine Dunlop said...

Yup. Mine have asked for the same stories so many times that I can recite some of them backwards. Another repetition story: I once spent 2 weeks singing our national anthem while driving my four year old son to school, because he wanted to learn the words. Mind-numbing!

Writing Mommy said...

Mind-numbing is just the phrase! My son spent 2006 humming a hymn in various tunes. Then he saw a movie with bikes and stunts and hummed the title track for most of 2007. This year has been slightly better, but between Nemo and Basil, I need a break. :)